CNC Mandrel Tube Bending

McKiney Manufacturing is proud to offer custom mandrel CNC tube and pipe bending and fabrication services. We provide effortless solutions for your high-volume production needs.

What is Mandrel Bent Tube and Custom Pipe Bending?

With mandrel pipe bending machines, a steel plug fits inside the pipe while a rotating steel die forms the pipe to the radius of the die. The steel plug, or mandrel, supports the pipe internally to reduce the amount of pipe cross-section flattening that occurs during custom tube/pipe bending and fabrication. A pipe bending clamp secures the pipe to the die. The pipe bending machine rotates the die to the desired bend angle as a sliding pressure die forces the pipe to conform to the die radius. After the custom tube/pipe bending and fabrication process, the operator extracts the mandrel from the pipe, releases the clamp and removes the bent pipe from the machine.

With proper tooling, this custom tube and pipe bending process is capable of producing high quality, tight-radius bends and custom tube fabrications for a wide range of applications.

CNC Mandrel Tube Bending Near Me

McKiney Manufacturing is located in Mitchell, Nebraska. We work with local Nebraska businesses for their tube bending needs. We also manufacture products for businesses in the Front Range region, Cheyenne, WY, Denver, CO, Rapid City, SD, Kansas City, MO and elsewhere in the United States. We deliver all our products either by hand or a preferred shipping method.

Our CNC Tube Bending Capabilities:

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Square Tubing
  • From ¼” diameter to 4” outside diameter and virtually
    every size tube in between

Custom-designed OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems for GAS/LP generators and vehicles are our specialty. OEM applications include parts for roll-over protection (ROP) on vehicles, specialized panels, and bicycle racks. In construction, tube bending is used for parts of roof trusses, as stringers on bridges, for canopies and circular staircases.


Our tube/pipe bending and fabrication capabilities:

Generally, bent tubes are used for structural and, sometimes decorative purposes, or as passageways carrying fluids or gases.

Structural bent tubes include bicycle handlebars, furniture frames, grab bars, roll bars, and more.

Passageways that use bent tubes include hydraulic lines, fuel lines, exhaust pipes, water lines, and more.

Industries that typically utilize bent tube/pipe bending and fabrication are automotive, aircraft, off-road and farm equipment, boiler, air conditioning, ship building, furniture, power generation, recreational vehicle, railroad, and more.

How are tubes bent?

When a tube is bent, the wall which forms the outside of the bend elongates and thins. At the same time, the wall which forms the inside of the bend compresses and thickens. A common objective in tube bending is to form a smooth round bend.

What are the benefits of using CNC pipe bending equipment?

Our use of the most advanced and latest CNC pipe bending equipment and a large bend tooling inventory gives us the flexibility to handle any custom pipe bending or custom tube bending job you may have. Our CNC mandrel bender saves you money and time by producing the custom bent parts you ordered precisely and efficiently. The latest state-of-the-art tube inspection technology verifies that your bent parts were accurately made.

Our tube bending fabrication process:

Our skilled staff will work with your engineering team to design your custom tubing needs. We are committed to meeting or exceeding your timelines while providing a high-quality product.

Pipe & Tube End-Forming Capabilities:

Our Eagle I/O Tube End Former is perfect for standard end-forms, to custom projects, and everything in between. It has the capacity to provide the following tube forming:

Combined End-Forming Capabilities:

  • Beading
  • Expanding
  • Flaring
  • Mitering
  • Piercing
  • Punching
  • Reducing
  • Rotary flaring
  • Swaging
  • Threading
  • Trimming
  • Complex progressive ram end-forming

Fabrication Services:

  • Notching
  • Punching
  • Welding
  • Coping
  • Drilling


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