CNC Metal Plate Precision Bending

Achieve unmatched bends with consistent precision.

Where years of expertise meet precise CNC hydraulic press brake technology designed to meet the needs of your project. We help you manufacture everything from prototypes to small parts with custom requirements to final bent products in high-volume production runs. This allows us to partner with manufacturers in automotive, LP/gas generator, construction, agriculture, and other industries.


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Our Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Services

What is a Press Brake?

A press brake is a machine used in metal fabrication to bend and shape sheet metal. Its primary function is to create precise angles and turns in the material. It allows for the formation of various components, such as brackets, panels, or frames.


What are the capabilities of a Press Brake?

The long and narrow design of the press brake allows for the bending of large parts with precision, versatility, and efficiency in order to create a wide range of structures and products. It can repeatedly bend metals until they reach the desired form. The press brake has the ability to precisely bend almost any shape, with different punches and dies available for press brakes to accommodate specific needs. This flexibility allows for efficient production of multiple pieces of the same workpiece that may require further processing.

The process involves clamping the sheet between a movable punch and a stationary die, creating predetermined bends. These punches and dies are specially designed for specific shapes and lengths required by different applications.

Hydraulic cylinders powered by an electric motor or manual pump system enable operators to control speed and pressure during bending operations accurately. At the same time, the CNC controllers offer ease of use.


Large Forming & Bending

We have the ability to bend sheet metal, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and angles to provide your business with efficient, high-quality part manufacturing.

In addition, we offer a variety of other finishing options, like welding, part assembly, fiber laser or waterjet cutting, and more for an all-in-one manufacturing solution to your business’ production needs!

Press brakes offer numerous benefits in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes:

Versatile for diverse production needs

A press brake can handle small batches and multi-variety production requirements, thanks to its ability to use a single punch and die set with different materials and parts.

Accommodates “S” and “U” shaped parts

The press brake performs multiple bending functions efficiently.

Expedites new product trials

With its versatility, the press brake allows trial productions without additional expenses or tool adjustments. It can produce various shapes, sizes, and angles using just one punch and die set.

Creates complex polygonal shapes

The flexibility provided by adjustable material settings on the machine enables the forming of polygon-shaped workpieces with varying heights accurately.

CNC Precision Bending at McKiney Manufacturing

Utilizing a Cincinnati press brake with a 175-ton capacity, a 12-foot bed, and advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems, our metal bending services are made for power and precision.

We are equipped with a variety of tooling options for precise bending and shaping a variety of metals and custom bends.

Our CNC machine shop is well equipped to work with a variety of metals, including cold rolled steel and stainless steel, as well as nonmetallic materials for specialized applications. Our team of experts is highly-experienced in precision machining aluminum parts.

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Cutting-Edge Equipment & Manufacturing Expertise

McKiney Manufacturing and Sales offers CNC machining expertise and service, welding services, finishing services, fabrication services, and assembly capabilities, making us the right choice for your metal fabrication and contract manufacturing needs.

In addition to metal bending and fabrication, we offer fiber laser cutting services and waterjet cutting services for your production needs. 

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Precision Metal Bending at McKiney Manufacturing

In addition to the years of manufacturing experience that our team brings to the table, we follow strict quality control measures to make sure every product leaving our facility is high quality and exceeds your expectations. 

We know how important deadlines are to your business operations—you can count on a timely delivery whether you’re local to our shop in Nebraska, or nearby in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, or throughout the Front Range. We work with local manufacturers and with those throughout the United States.

Our track record of satisfied partners speaks for itself. We’re dedicated to building relationships with you based on trust and outstanding service. See what our customers have to say!

CNC Press Brake Services Near Me

How can we help your company grow with our CNC metal bending services? We are based in Mitchell, Nebraska and we work with manufacturers in these nearby cities and throughout the United States:


Scottsbluff, NE


Lincoln, NE


Fremont, NE


Columbus, NE


Grand Island, NE


North Platte, NE


Nebraska City, NE


Council Bluffs, IA


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